100 % organic coconut and beeswax candles

Light a candle and breathe better


My candles and body creams are made with 100% organic coconut and beeswax

Organic beauty creams and candles

My online store was created at home with a few things in mind. First, I spend a ton of money on candles and lotions. Most store candles are made with soy or paraffin waxes. Though soy wax is natural and holds a great scent, everyone uses it. Paraffin is a great scent thrower, but it is not healthy for you. I use coconut and beeswax. Both are natural. Beeswax is an amazing air purifier and helps rid the air you breathe of some toxins. Coconut wax holds the scent and is a soft wax. When you touch the wax of the candles, you can smell the scent of the candle on your hand.  The body creams are made with beeswax, coconut oil, vitamin E, Almond oil and shea butter. Our body cream is then mixed with your favorite essential oil. It is amazing for fighting off aging, stretch marks, dry skin, topical skin issues and much more. You don't need to use much cream on your skin either. Since we use many oils, the oils may stay on your skin for a bit, but your skin will thank you, as it hydrates and makes a silky smooth feeling on your skin all day long. We have over 20 different scents and they are great for men and women!